Rose concrete

Rose concrete

Obtained by extraction of fresh rose petals Rosa Damascena

Rose concrete contains all components of rose oil. The predominant component is phenyl - ethyl alcohol – around 70%. The composition of concretes includes more than 166 components, 30 of them are hydrocarbon. Besides aromatic compounds the rose concrete include also: vegetable waxes, organic acids, trace elements, enzymes.


It is used primarily to obtain absolute, and less frequently in cosmetics and perfumery.
Rose concrete is energizing, regenerating and has fragrant action. It has antiseptic and anti-allergic effect, soothes and provides antibacterial protection. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, healing and toning product. Enhances healing in various inflammatory and other irritating skin processes, it has a very beneficial effect in the presence of blackheads (acne); It makes the skin smooth and fresh. It is also recommended as protection during strong solar radiation and solar and other thermal burns.

1 Appearance Vaseline – like mass
2 Color Orange red
3 Odor Typical of Roses
4 Melting point, °C 47 - 53
5 Acid value, mg KOH/g max 13.0
6 Content of absolute, % min 60.0
7 Solvent content, % max 2.0